Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Scenes From The Weekend

While I can't say we had the best weather this weekend, I can say what a great time we had despite the rain and cold. 

Friday night my roommates friend came in town and we enjoyed a few cocktails while watching the Bruce Jenner special. Anyone else watch this? I have to say, I did not have high hopes but boy was I glad I watched. I thought it was incredibly sad to see the way the media has treated him, as well as other people going through what he is. All in all I think they put a great spin on it and turned it into something more then just about him and the Kardashians. I was in bed maybe 20 minutes after the special ended in order to wake up bright and early for our next event of the weekend- the Triangle 
Beach Music Festival. 

We had more friends get in to town on Saturday morning and greeted everyone with mimosas and a homemade yummy breakfast of eggs, bagels, fruit salad, and hash-browns. Once we were fed and outfitted in all of our rain gear, we headed to the festival. 

The group- clearly not letting a little rain from keeping us from having a good time. 

My roommate Ellen and I

After the festival we headed home for naps and pizza before making it out for round 2. 

Sunday we threw a little house warming party and had friends over to see our new house. We were hoping it would mostly be outside, but unfortunately with chilly temps and more rain it was moved inside. It was so nice to catch up with so many of our friends and have them see our new house and neighborhood. 

So lucky to have so many of my sorority sisters living close by. Sarah, in the middle even drove a little over an hour away to attend and surprised us Sunday morning. 

Overall, it was a great weekend spent with so many good friends. Unfortunately from lack of sleep over the weekend, with the combined bad weather, I am feeling a bit crummy this week and looking forward to relaxing and catching up on sleep. 

Yours truly, 
Emily Ann

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Tess said...

Minus the weather - looks like the weekend was a blast! I watched the Bruce Jenner interview too with little hope to enjoy it but I felt like it was done really well and both tragic and heartwarming