Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mid-Week Finds

In an attempt to get back to my posting schedule, I am switching things up a bit this week and sharing a few finds as of lately...

/ Meet my new lunch. I know, crazy right? However, with some chocolate almond milk, this has become my new lunch favorite. I love how it actually keeps me full but also feels light enough to not give me that gotta have coffee feeling around 3pm. 

/ Full confession, even after living in my new house for more then a few months now... I have 0 items on my walls. The color scheme of my room is navy, white, and grey and I have been a bit stubborn to add any other colors. With that being said, I am looking for very simple prints and art work to add subtle touches without being overwhelming. This print caught my eye and I am thinking of adding it either above or next to my bed, thoughts? 

/ Such a good reminder when feeling stressed and like life is a bit too much. 

/ Anyone else devestated by the loss of McDreamy? I have been steadily following the show since it's debut in 2005 and was sad to see Patrick Dempsy leave. Thought I don't think the show will be quite what it used to be, I am interested to see what happens. 

/ This blog has recently become my new favorite and for obvious reasons. Perhaps it's that she lives in my favorite city or maybe it's the stunning photographs she captures, either way I am a fan. 

Yours truly, 
Emily Ann

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Silex In The City said...

I'm digging this post! Thanks for sharing that blog. I am also going to give Brunch a follow. :)