Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday

Y'all I just can't seem to get my act together when it comes to the blogging front. I swear every night I sit down to write a post and then think about the other things I should be doing like laundry or packing my lunch for the next day. I also have been having major writers block lately and can't seem to come up with anything to actually write about. Anyone else go through these periods where blogging and posting seems nearly impossible? Today's post will include a random assortment of thoughts/finds/you name it. 

- It's Thursday and I still have not made it to the grocery store this week.... oops. Thanks goodness for a quick trip to Fresh Market to pick up a few things for today's breakfast and lunches. 

- Speaking of breakfast, I think I have finally found a yogurt I actually like...
I am not a yogurt person... at all. I'm not sure if it's the texture or the actual taste but something about it just does not agree with me. I've been trying to get myself to try different kinds because I know it's a great quick healthy breakfast and think I finally found the winner with Chobani Coconut Blend. 

- This week I received my tax return and while I thought I would be able to treat myself to a few things, that has not been the case. From paying different bills and making payments towards my credit card, it's nearly gone! 

- If I was going to treat myself to something, these would be a top contender
- I really need to get better about my before bed routine and get back to reading. I used to read all the time, I'm talking 2-3 books a month! Lately I have been perusing my phone and instagram before bed but starting to think it has an effect on staying asleep throughout the night. I keep hearing rave reviews about this book and might try it out this weekend. 

- This week I tried out 2 new workout spots in Raleigh- one a hot yoga studio and the other a barre class. While I totally love barre and how sore I am the next day, I am much more of a sweater and feel I get a better workout if I am sweaty and nearly out of breath. Anyone else feel this way?

- While on the subject of working out, I have yet to buy a thing from lululemon and would love to hear if their pieces are work the extra $. I tend to just buy my workout clothes from Gap, Old Navy, and sometimes TJ Maxx or Marshalls. These are super cute but also way more expensive then I would normally pay

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!
Yours truly, 
Emily Ann


Annie said...

I love these kinds of posts! But yes I get writer block too so I think it's normal! And no I don't think lululemon is worth the price. I'm totally fine with my Nike and Adidas. I do love Zella from Nordstrom and its reasonably priced!

Mrs. Southern Mama said...

I just ordered The Girl on The Train and cannot wait to jump into it!!!