Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Nordstrom Sale Picks

The fact that I thought it was Thursday on Tuesday gives you a bit of an idea of the week I am having... long. Thank goodness there it one more day to this week because this girl is tired, grumpy, stressed, and ready for a break. On a positive note, Nordstrom is currently having one heck of a sale and I have my eyes on a few things...

Nordstrom Sale Picks

And just for the sake of staying positive, here's a few things that have brought my joy this week...

::: avocado toast for breakfast:::
::: please and thank yous (anyone else think manners are way underestimated these days?):::
::: catching up on Downton Abbey:::
::: looking forward to a fun girls night this weekend:::
::: listening to Serial on my way to work:::

Only one more day until the weekend!

Yours truly,
Emily Ann

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