Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Weekend Report

This past weekend could not have been more needed. This was the first weekend in I can't remember how long that I was in town AND off work! The only plans I had all weekend was to do a training hike on Saturday, which pretty much kicked my butt for the rest of the weekend. Here's a bit of how my weekend looked...

Friday started out with a spin class and breakfast with my friend Carrie. It's been a few weeks since one of our Friday dates and it felt great to be back to the routine. Lucky for me I am off this Friday and looking forward to doing it all over again! If you are in the Richmond area, I highly suggest you check out Boho Spin Studio AND Lamplighter Roasting Co. Both are amazing and make Fridays even better.

The rest of Friday I headed into work for a few hours before heading home and relaxing. Leftover spaghetti and Bravo were the only activities of Friday night which was totally ok in my book. 

Saturday I was up entirely too early to head to the mountains for my first training hike with members from Ultimate Hike. I was a bit intimidated before starting but so happy I was able to finish the hike and got to meet some amazing people. 4 of the people we hiked with were in their 70s and may have been in better shape then me! 

The views were absolutely amazing and this shot was taken at the top of Stony Man Gap in the Shenandoah Valley. 

A few of the people I will be hiking with in a few weeks for Ultimate Hike! 

Saturday night was spent recovery and relaxing watching movie with a friend and taking it easy. 

Sunday I had homemade brunch with friends along with some pretty delicious bloody marys and then spent the day by the river! It was beautiful out and it felt so good to relax my feet in the river and lay out on one of Richmond's famous rocks down the James. Sunday night I went to a cookout at a friends and whipped up some Texas Caviar, always a crowd pleaser and so easy to make! 

Overall it was a great weekend full of time relaxing, time with friends, and enjoying the beautiful weather! 

On board for this week is a few work outs, trying out a few new recipes, and attending a fundraising dinner! 

Hope everyone has a great week! 


Annie {Home of Malones} said...

yummy, that smoked salmon looks delicious and what a gorgeous hike!! Looks like you had a pretty active weekend!!! Have a great week, xoxo

Diana @ wonderfully made. said...

Ah, I want to visit Richmond so bad! It looks gorgeous! Looks like you had a great weekend! :)

Pink and Fabulous said...

It is so gorgeous in the SV! I'm so glad we have family there to visit, because it is such a great place. I need to check out the hiking trails next time I am down!

Emily {All You Need is Love} said...

Beautiful hike!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!