Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Updates and Whereabouts

Lately life has been so crazy its hard for me to remember things I've updated and posted about on the blog. Some of these pictures you may have seen if you follow me on instagram but I thought it would be fun to share a bit of what I have been up to...

Quite mornings spent at the beach with a new book and cup of coffee. While I do love sleeping in, waking up early at the beach is on of my favorite times, before anyone else has gotten up it's so nice to have that peaceful time just to myself. 

Girls night out with my roommates at a local concert venue. My roommates and I each have such different schedules but I love when we are able to get together and do things, especially when it's checking out a favorite yacht rock cover band!

Grabbing coffee with a friend to kick start the weekend. Lamplighter  is one of my favorite coffee spots in Richmond, a definite must try if you are in the area. 

A day off filled with errands, coffee, and mixing patters. I'm normally not one to play with patterns but was pretty pleased with my turn out of stripes and floral. 

A yummy new recipe I will share this week- Blueberry Yogurt Oat Bread. 

What have you been up to lately?

Yours truly, 
Emily Ann


Annie {Home of Malones} said...

Love the florals and stripes!! You did a great job mixing patterns with those two!! Love the recap and love following your on IG!

Nat said...

Love the floral and stripes! I'm dying to read the Goldfinch- it scares me how long it is though. That yogurt bread sounds yummy!