Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday

Jeez La Weez y'all, this week has been crazy long and I realize it's almost Thursday but I am seriously exhausted.  From studying and long hours last week, taking the GRE last Friday, working the past weekend, having a procedure Monday, and working long hours this week... I'm pooped. Luckily I am off this weekend and looking forward to some serious down time. I may or may not have a few boxes in my room that STILL need to be unpacked. But given that it's thoughts for Thursday, here's a bit of whats been on my mind...

1- I am completely addicted to Scandal. I started watching it this past weekend on Netflix and am already on Season 2! If you haven't checked it out, I highly suggest you do! As if I needed to have more of a girl crush on Kerry Washington. 

2- I have completely fallen off the work out train and desperately need to get back on! Like I mentioned above, the past few weeks have been kicking my butt and I've felt like I've had time to do nothing but work. study, eat, and sleep! I am definitely looking forward to getting back to the gym, motivation help anyone?

3- There is no better feeling in the world then when you take your bra off after work... there I said it. 

4- Enough of this awkward end of summer/fall weather. I am beyond ready to break out the scarves, boots, and jackets! 

5- There are no words for how much I am looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday. I normally try to get to the farmers market around 7:45 to beat the crowds but I have a feeling it will be a different story this weekend. 

6- This article is exactly what I need to read this week. 

What's on your mind this week?

Yours truly, 

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ryann said...

Not going to lie... I'm glad I'm not the only one who has fallen off the workout train! If you find motivation, pass it on to me girlfriend!