Monday, September 23, 2013

Recap- Relaxing Weekend

Monday Monday Monday... here we meet again. This past weekend I actually worked both Saturday and Sunday but totally did not mind and was glad to have a little down time. Saturday when I got off work, I headed to Trader Joes to pick up a few items for this upcoming week. Once I got home, I got to work on making a yummy dinner, an apple pie, and scones! 

A few weeks ago I picked up this scone mix at Trader Joes and was so happy with the way they turned out! All you have to do is add water, scoop them on a pan and bake for 12-15 minutes. The mix is enough for about 12 scones, perfect to grab and go for an easy week day breakfast!

Being that I knew I was going to be relaxing at home on Saturday night, I wanted to make a yummy comforting dish, especially with the rainy weather. I found this recipe on pinterest and decided to go with it...

Spaghetti Squash Gratin. 

Y'all this recipe absolutely did not disappoint and I am already looking forward to when I make it again. I also took a chance and rather then baking the squash in oven like I normally would, I decided to microwave it! It still turned out just as great and definitely saved lots of time! All you need to do is slice the ends, cut in half, and place halves in a baking dish with about an inch of water- microwave for about 8-12 minutes. 

And if you think I stopped my cooking escapade there... think again. This girl was on a roll and I ended up making this beauty...

I am not much of a baker but I can honestly say this was hands down the best thing I have ever made- look for the recipe this week!

Obviously I chose to enjoy my slice while watching football, windows open listening to the rain, and with a glass of red

Sunday I was back at work but ended the day by grabbing drinks and dinner for a friend's birthday, clearly it was necessary to end the weekend with a little sangria

Today my grandmother is coming in town because I am have a small procedure. Nothing major but still stressful none the less, fingers crossed everything goes well!

How did you spend your weekend?

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