Friday, September 27, 2013

5 on Friday

Happy Friday friends! Thank goodness Friday is here, the past few weeks have been long and tiring and I am beyond thrilled for a weekend with no plans! I plan on sleeping in, watching more Scandal, doing a bit of cooking, hanging out with friends, cheering on the Pirates, a long overdue Barnes and Noble trip, and lots of relaxing! Hopefully I can cross some things off my Fall bucket list too!

Let's get started with this weeks 5 on Friday


This past week I had to have a minor procedure done, nothing major and I am feeling fine now but, I was lucky enough to have my sweet grandmother come into town to take care of me. It meant so much to me that she drove all the way to Richmond just to take me to an appointment. Family is so important to me and this past week I truly felt blessed to have such an amazing support system.

Sweater: Forever 21 Scarf: Nordstroms Leggings & Shoes: TJ Maxx

Blouse & Shoes: TJ Maxx Pants: Banana Republic Necklace: Forever 21

This past week I finally broke out some of my old and new items for fall! The mornings were chilly and even the afternoons held a bit of crisp in the air. I have gotten a ton of great pieces from TJ Maxx this season and plan on doing an overhaul in pictures next week!

Quiet mornings when the world is still sleeping and I am left with my coffee, overnight oats, and blogging... perfection. 

As I type this post, I am currently snuggled in bed, coffee next to me SO thankful to be off today. I worked extra long hours this week so that I could be off today and I can't wait to cross some things off my to do list. I also have no plans for the rest of the weekend and have never been more excited. There's a chance I'll head home for the weekend or maybe head to D.C for the night or maybe even just relax in Richmond all weekend, who knows but having no plans is a beautiful thing!

This quote is exactly what I needed to see this week.

How are you spending your weekend?

Yours truly, 


FourSistersBlog said...

Love TJ Maxx! Can't wait to see your finds! Happy Friday!

Ally {Life as I know it} said...

I'm heading to TJ Maxx today and can't wait to see what new stuff they got in! I love going to that store! It's always fun to have a relaxing weekend with nothing planned! Hope you have a good one!

Anonymous said...

I am popping over from the 5 on Friday linkup! I just love love love decorating for fall! Sadly, we just moved and had to donate/trash a lot of our stuff...I guess I will have to make a quick trip to Ross or TJMaxx to redecorate! :-) Happy Weekend!

Emily Gentry said...

When I saw another Emily on 5 for Friday, I had to stop and say hi! I hope you have a lovely day off of work today. Fridays off are the best!

Claire said...

I was off Thursday and Friday and although it was taking care of Mr. C, it wasn't like I was sick so it was fabuloussssss! Loving your Fall outfits. I used to live down the street from TJ Maxx in Williamsburg, but now I never go - you find such cute things!