Saturday, September 21, 2013

5 on Friday.. a bit late

Hey Y'all sorry for the delay in my Friday post! For some reason my blogger would not upload anything yesterday! 

This week felt like it flew by but also dragged on during some days. Monday I am almost positive I was on day 2 of being hungover, Tuesday I left work early to babysit then headed back to work and stayed until 9, Wednesday I let my kiddos talk me into movie night and ended up working a 12 hour shift, and Thursday was about a 9 hour day. Most importantly of this week, I took the GRE on Friday! It was a long miserable 4 hours but I am glad it's over and done with and no longer looming over my head. I also got to end my week and celebrate being done with the GRE by heading to my favorite spot, Pearl, for happy hour! Friday night was an early night in bed after having such a long week but exactly what I needed. I wish I could say I have exciting plans for the rest of the weekend but I will be working both Saturday and Sunday and honestly looking forward to a little down time this weekend while I am not at work. Enough with all that though, lets get looking at a few goodies from this week!

(a day late)

This week in Richmond, we had a few chilly mornings which obviously called for leggings, flats, tunic, and of course a PSL


Although this week and next week are kinda busy and filled with uneventful not fun things, I have a few things planned over the next few months that I am counting down for! A weekend bachelorette at the beach, 2 trips to Charlottesville, a few Pirate games, and a possible trip to NYC... I am one happy lucky girl!

Is there honestly anything better then a successful Friday afternoon trip to Tj Maxx... I think not. I scored all of these goodies yesterday and could not be more excited for them. I also hid a few things to go back next week and get... there's only so much a girl's bank account can take. Here are a few of the other looks I was loving... (pardon the mirror shots!)

I did get this shirt and can't wait to wear it! I loved it paired with the leggings and booties but unfortunately the booties did not make it home with me. If they are still there come next week... they are all mine. 

I also loved this oversized tan sweater! It also did not make it home with me but was super comfy and soft and I am kicking myself for not getting it. 

Being that I don't have many plans for the weekend and am looking forward to some down time.. I decide I would spend my Saturday afternoon and night doing some baking and cooking for this upcoming week! First on the list to make- homemade apple pie!

This is the book I used to study for the GRE and I am so happy I will be returning it to the library! It feels amazing to be done and I am looking forward to moving on with my grad school process! Fingers crossed everything goes well!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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