Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Topics for Tuesday

While having the day off yesterday, I did quite the bit of online browsing at a few of my favorite magazines websites. You all know me and know there's nothing more I love then heading to Barnes and Noble, grabbing a coffee, and a stack of magazines. And while I did manage to fit in a B&N trip, I also like checking out some of the magazine's websites to see what other fun articles and I can read. Here's a few of my favorites:


via Lucky Magazine


via Glamour Magazine


via Women's Health Magazine


via Shape Magazine


via Self Magazine

What are you favorite magazines to catch up on?

Yours truly, 

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Tess said...

I have a STACK of magazines that I'm working through right now. I love ALL September issues and always try and pick up a few randoms. My favorites are Glamour, US Weekly, Self (although, I think lately it has sucked!!), and Cooking Light.