Friday, August 23, 2013

5 on Friday!

Happy Friday loves! 

Like last Friday, I am off again today before heading back into work tomorrow and Sunday.  Nothing too big planned for the day other then a gym session, laundry, a funeral, and a few errands. Oh and one other thing... see announcement below. Last week I did not participate in 5 on Friday but I am excited to be back at it this week!


Monday I had the day off, from working the weekend and decided I need to get on the ball about this whole grad school thing. I am due to start classes January of 2014 and while the deadline for turning everything in seems far away, it's only in a few weeks! I decided to start my day off by grabbing a coffee and heading to the library to buckle down and get some work done... not fun but definitely productive!


This week I finally got my butt back to the gym and working out. Monday I also caught a barre class and can't even describe how great it felt to be back! Tuesday was a cardio session while catching up on Mistresses, Wednesday cardio+ barre arm routine, and today another cardio session! Please please please check out the barre arm routine, Sarah is one of my favorite fitness gurus and this workout will have your arms burning! 

Y'all I am still living off these egg cups I made last week! They are definitely my new obsession and I can't wait to make them again this weekend. Also, after reading April's post on the Chai Latte K-cups I knew I had to give them a try! It was absolutely delicious and definitely something I will be making again. 

Thursday I grabbed happy hour at Jorge's Cantina in the fan. It was break and how can you beat that happy hour?! It was little meeting of sorts about...


I'm moving!! As of next week I will officially be a new resident in this darling apartment. It all happened a bit fast but I have decided that I have had enough time living alone and will be living with 2 other girls, who I grabbed happy hour with on Thursday to discuss furniture and logistics. I can't wait to move in and also to start decorating- more pictures to come once the move is finalized!

That about does it for this week! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Yours truly,


Annie {} said...

So exciting about the move! Congrats and can't wait to see pics. The outside is adorable! xo

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

I'm so glad that you love the chai latte K-Cups as much as I do. They are such a fun treat!

Such an adorable apartment, LOVE!

In This Wonderful Life said...

that apartment looks darling!

Kelsea said...

I drive by that apartment every day on my way to work, great location, Congratulations! I need to try Jorge's soon with those Happy Hours, I keep forgetting it is open!

Madeline said...

OMG so many things going on! The apartments look so cute. Also, I just started doing bar method classes, AHHGHGH! SO hard. I hope they are toning my arms is all I have to say... And grad school, yay! In Richmond?