Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Off To The Beach!

Off To The Beach!

Halter top / Dorothy Perkins / Gap canvas tote / J.Crew j crew / Aveeno beauty product / Flag Towel - 1984 / Nautical Anchor Koozie, Glitter Monogram Koozie, Anchor Monogram,...

As of this morning this girl is beach bound... shore bound to be exact as I will be heading to Avalon, NJ! I know what you might be thinking and let me assure you that  Avalon is NOTHING like the "jersey shore" and I have been going since I was a little girl. I will be meeting up with 5 of my closest girlfriends and can't wait to have some time off work, relax in the sun, and catch up with everyone! We will be staying until Sunday but which seems like so long from now but I know time will fly by! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th!

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Mrs. Type A said...

Avalon is nice. I went there once with my family growing up and my husband used to go to Stone Harbor every year when he was a kid (we're from Wilmington, DE originally). Have fun!