Friday, July 26, 2013

5 on Friday

Happy Friday friends! 

This week completely flew by and I am not complaining because this girl is on her way to Raleigh! I can't wait to spend the weekend in one of my favorite cities with a group of my favorite people! 

Now onto 5 on Friday...


This week was an excellent mail week and I got in my new Stella & Dot pieces! I have already worn them both and am absolutely loving them! To refresh your memory I ordered the...
On The Mark necklace

Fiona Earings. 


Wednesday was my birthday and my boss was kind enough to treat me to a mani/pedi! It was absolutely amazing and just what I needed after a few stressful weeks at work.


After my mani/pedi a group of friends got to together to celebrate my special day at one of my favorite RVA restaurants... Pearl! It was a great time and I would be lying if I said I wasn't feeling the aftermath the next morning. 

Here's a shot one of my friends snagged at time while when they brought out the cake. Not the greatest picture but I like it because I look so happy and to be honest... I was. Every year on my birthday I am reminded of how blessed and loved I am and it leaves me feeling incredibly fortunate for all that God has given and done for me. 


As I mentioned before, I am heading to Raleigh this weekend and can't wait to be reunited with some of my best friends! There will be lots of catching up, lots of wine, and as always lots of fun. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Yours truly, 


Mrs. Type A said...

Have so much fun! I live in Raleigh and am heading to Winston for a girls weekend myself!

Jenny {} said...

Sounds like such a fun birthday celebration. Have a great trip!