Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thoughts Of Thursday

Happy Thursday All! I am still trying to get my days straight after thanksgiving! Friday after Thanksgiving I headed back to Richmond and was up early Saturday to head back to work. Since working the weekend, I am off today and tomorrow and have a few visitors I cant wait to see! Every year my mom and her girlfriends travel to Richmond for a big event known as Bazaar Bazaar. It is a HUGE Christmas craft show they hold at the speedway. This year however is a bit different because I now live in Richmond! My mom, grandma, and aunt will be making their way to Richmond on Thursday and staying until Saturday when I have to head back to work. I am so excited to not only see them but also experience Bazaar Bazaar!

Here are a few pictures I have found while looking up the event...

In addition to thinking about this fun craft show and getting excited to see my family, here are some other thoughts I've had this week...

- Call me crazy and a Grinch but Christmas is not my favorite holiday and I did not jump on the decorating the day after Thanksgiving train

- I only like certain kinds of classic Christmas music- my go to favorite is Frank Sinatra

- I refuse to listen to Christmas music in the car and absolutely hate that I have to hear it every morning when I am on the bus to work

- If I get any sort of tree at all it will be the Charlie Brown Christmas tree

- The day Starbucks takes away the pumpkin spice latte will be beyond sad

- I detest getting hair out of the drain in the shower, I literally shut my eyes and just for it

- I am beyond obsessed with Mindy project, she is absolutely hilarious and I look forward to watching every week

- I am still using a sheet as a futon cover because I have yet to decide what color I want to get...judge away

-One of the reasons I am looking forward to my family being in town is to try some new restaurants... foodie problem

- I am also looking forward to an excuse to have wine with dinner both tonight and Friday... yep wino problem

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and I will be sure to post some pictures from Bazaar Bazaar!

Yours truly, 

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Travesti Best said...

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