Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Getting Busy With Life/ Richmond Blogging!

Happy Wednesday loves! So glad the week is halfway over and soon it will be ready for a weekend off!  Last weekend I worked and have not stopped since and would be absolutely lying if I said I wasn't feeling a bit run down. I definitely have been putting off posting for the past few days because after coming home from work and the gym... blogging was the LAST thing on my mind. I was beginning to feel a bit guilty until I read a post from one of my favorite new blogs- The Lunchbox Diaries. Excitingly enough, Colleen is also a Richmond blogger and when she posted about being busy with life and neglecting the blog... I couldn't have related more! Being that Colleen found the time to post... I figured I could do the same, so here we are! 

Speaking of other Richmond bloggers, I have slowly been discovering more and more and could not be more excited! Here are a few I have found and am looking forward to following!

Liz over at I Heart Vegetables

Brittany from Eating Bird Food

Jayme and Medi from Her Late Night Cravings

Gabby over at Gabby's Gluten Free

Lindsay from Sadie + Stella

Katherine from Neon Blonde Runner

Shannon from Thirsty Richmond

Valerie over at The Pursuit of Sweetness

Also here is a few snapshots of what I've been up...
Received an amazing package from Sweet Tea Paperie! It made my day and I will devote a whole post to the package later this week!

Takeout from the Boka truck from Foodtruck Friday! Delish!
Enjoying blackberries and peaches from my trip to the farmers market!

That's it for today, hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

Yours truly, 

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Shannon said...

Emily!! Thanks so much for linking to my blog. Hope you have an awesome weekend!