Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Where did the weekend go...

Good morning dolls! Hope everyone had a great relaxing weekend!

Friday night was not that fun, I actually found out one of my favorite patients I had worked with in Charlotte passed away. She was a 2 year little girl, diagnosed with neuroblastoma. She actually past away the end of January but I just found and feel absolutely terrible about not knowing sooner. I am planning on sending her parents a card just to let them know they are in my thoughts and prayers. Here's a pic of the little cutie herself. She was way beyond her years as a 2 year old and had the ability to make you smile no matter your mood. She also had a love for the color pink and her favorite shoes were crocs.
Like I said... absolute cutie. Even though the thought of her gone is so hard and still brings me to tears, its comforting to know she is in a better place. Please keep her family in your thoughts in prayers. 

Saturday was not too eventful and included getting my oil changed and watching this movie...
I had never heard of this movie but it was recommended by my friend Kaitlin and once I saw Paul Rudd was in it, I was a sucker. This movie was great and definitely had me laughing through a majority of it. 

Sunday I traveled up to Philadelphia for the day to see my dad! We met at a lovely french restaurant in Ritten House square called Parc.
I of course had my favorite brunch food of all time- eggs benedict with spinach... it was amazing. 

The rest of the day was spent walking around and attending the Philadelphia International Flower Show! The theme this year was Hawaiian and all the different flowers were absolutely beautiful.

That's it for now! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Yours truly,

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Ashley said...

Praying for you girl! She looks adorable and its always hard not finding out about a death until way later, but I know they will appreciate the card and the fact that you are thinking of them too!

Those flowers are amazing. SO PRETTY