Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's already Thursday?!

Anyone else thankful for these weeks that just seem to be speeding by! My goodness I can hardly keep up! This week has been busy but felt even busier due to this dumb cold I still have. I have decided that If I'm still feeling miserable on Saturday... I will give in and go to the doctors. I'm extremely excited for this weekend for a few reasons..

- hopefully sleeping in

- going up to Philly for the day on Sunday to celebrate my dads birthday. I can't wait to see my dad, we're planning on grabbing brunch, walking around, and possibly catching a movie!
 (One of our favorite brunch spots- Le Bus in Manayunk)

- possibly getting dinner with one of my best friends on Saturday that just accepted a position with Whole Foods to be on their Marketing team. I am so so happy for her and can't wait to celebrate, sadly she will be moving to Connecticut but that just means excuses for girl weekend getaways.

(Me and Ang)

Also here's a little update of how I have been doing workout/eating wise:
Wednesday- Rest day
Breakfast- 2 egg whites and piece of whole wheat toast
Snack- Broccoli and hummus
Lunch- Luna Bar, half an avocado, nectarine
Dinner- Taco Salad from Mexican Cafe

Thursday-2 Mile run before work
Breakfast- plain oatmeal and banana
Lunch- Brown rice and barely medley, carrots and hummus
Dinner- chicken breast, potato salad, and a roll ( I could have done better)

I wanted to do hot yoga tonight but I was absolutely exhausted after work and hot yoga isn't exactly something you can do if you aren't feeling 100%. I'm hoping to get in a workout tomorrow before work and possibly restorative yoga after work!

Hope everyone has had a great week!
Yours truly,

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