Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New Makeup Favorites

This has become one of those weeks where you feel like someone will jump out any time and say just kidding... but then they dont. From 13+ hour days at work to some personal stressors, I am beyond ready for the weekend to arrive. On a happier note, today I am choosing to share a few of my favorite new makeup products that I have tried out over the past month or two. If you are like me, I can never try enough beauty products and am always thinking there must be something better out there. I've been really happy with all of these items and encourage you to check them out...

// Cleanser//

Andalou Naturals Kombucha Cleansing Gel
Maybe it's stress from work or increased traveling but for whatever reason my skin has been a nightmare lately. I am talking not just a spot here and there but full blown breakouts and redness. While in San Francisco my friend recommended and let me try out this cleanser that she has been using for awhile now. After using this 1 time, along with the night cream it was like my face got a giant cleanse and instantly looked better. I am currently awaiting mine to arrive via Amazon and can't wait to try out more of their products.

// Night Cream//

As I mentioned above, I also tried the night cream and absolutely loved it. The next morning my face felt smoother, brighter, and softer but not greasy in the slightest. While I don't think this is a product I would need to use every day, I do think it is something I would use throughout the week or as needed if  my skin needed a little extra TLC. 

// Moisturizer//

This is a new product to me but something that has definitely become a quick favorite. When I first read moisture surge my initial thought was- greasy. However this product is a mix between a gel and a cream and leaves my face feeling anything but greasy. I have been using it both day and night and love the way my skin has been looking. 

// Foundation//

Holy moly y'all, this stuff lasts FOREVER! I tried it a few weeks ago while I was at home under the recommendation from my mom and I have been blown away. It's a pretty matte and moderate coverage so a little bit goes a long way and stays in place all day. I would definitely recommend trying this out. I am currently wearing the 103 Natural Buff shade. 

// Contour//

This is probably my favorite out of all the products I have been trying lately and I plan to actually gift it to a few of my friends for Christmas. It's no secret around here that I am a fan of contouring and have tried several contour kits/ products. This "pen duo" if you will has been hands down my favorite and I love how easy it is to use. Apply the lighter, highlight shade to the area right below the eye, side of the nose, as well as the bridge of the nose and area between eyebrows. Once that is absorbed and completed, take the other darker shade and apply to the hollows of cheek uptoward the temples. Viola- perfect contouring!

That's all the new and exciting products I have for now. Hope everyone is having a great week so far- only 1 more day until Friday!

Yours truly,
Emily Ann