Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday...

How did another week fly by and this will only be my second post...these past few weeks have been insane and I apologize for the lack of posting! Here's a few reason's it has been a little quiet around here...

- I started a new medicine on Monday and it has made my crazy nauseous, to the point where I left work early one day, talk about no fun.

- I've also had terrible cramps this week and have fallen asleep with my heating pad every night. 

- Last night I was in bed before 8... judge away.

-I've only worked out once this week.... there I said it.

- After being out of town last weekend and preparing to go out of town again this weekend, I am a bit overwhelmed by everything I have to do before leaving tomorrow. 

- My to do list includes a trip to Sephora, quick manicure, pack, and hopefully and eyebrow appointment... all before 12 tomorrow!

-This week I have been living off of the most random things like trailmix tacos (recipe to come), hard boiled eggs, and veggies with hummus. Oh and one giant order of spaghetti that's pretty much lasted me all week.

- I could not be more excited to head home next week and see my family for Thanksgiving! 

- My black Friday plans are still up in the air between outlet shopping or just relaxing at home with mom, both sound pretty good to me. 

And just for laughs...

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Yours truly, 


Annie {} said...

Hang in there! Feeling off is the worst- it's almost better to just be full blown sick sometimes I think! Can't wait to hear about trail mix tacos :) xo

Diana @ from rags to northrich said...

girl I'm totally with you! I haven't made it to the gym even once this week so you are way ahead of me! Here's to the end of the week and the weekend! :)