Friday, November 22, 2013

5 on Friday

Happy Friday friends! I don't think I've been happy to see Friday come in a longggg time. This week was rough and filled with not feeling well, long days, bad attitudes, and a general not good week. Luckily I am off today and will be heading down to my favorite state for a mini reunion with my college friends for the ECU vs. NC state game! I am so so excited to see every one and think it will be a great weekend! Let's get stated on this weeks 5 on Friday...

As I mentioned before, I am SO excited to be reunited with this crowd this weekend to cheer on the Pirates! We have a party bus planned for Saturday and it will be so great to catch up with everyone. 

This week I was pretty lazy with cooking, as in I leftovers way too much. Last night I finally got myself in order and made a delicious meal- salmon, brown rice, and asparagus... it was amazing and felt good to be eating something that was actually good for me. 

This time next week I am hoping to have scored some good Christmas presents from Black Friday sales! Last year my best friend and I went to the outlets around midnight and I am thinking we may pull the same crazy thing this year. 

My post is a little late today because I just finished up another great class at BOHO! If you live in the Richmond area and have not yet tried BOHO you can use the code "BOHO1FREE" to receive a free class! I am LOVING these classes and already looking forward to my next one!

I've been a bit of a negative nancy about this week and I think it's important and I refresh my mind and prepare for a great weekend and time with family and friends next week. Always be thankful for what you have been given and take a second each day to realize how lucky and blessed  you are in this life. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Yours truly, 


Ann said...

Your salmon dinner looked amazing!!! YUM!!! And I agree, I have a lot to be thankful too!!!! Thanks for the reminder!
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Brett said...

so fun you went out at midnight, last year my mom and I woke up at 4:00 and I thought that was crazy! hope you get some great goodies :)

and have fun with your friends, sounds like a blast. Happy Friday!

Ally {Life as I know it} said...

I went shopping last year around 10pm on Thanksgiving! That's when Belk opened! And it was a madhouse! Definitely won't be doing that again!