Saturday, October 13, 2012

Where Do I Even Begin...

Happy Saturday loves! I bet you are super surprised to be seeing Eloquently Emily pop up in your feed, but after over 2 months of not blogging... enough was enough. I have been putting off this post for quite some time because I no idea of where I should even begin! My life in the last 2 two months has taken some pretty big changes and I would be lying if I said all of them were rainbow and smiles. However the fog and storms have cleared and I am starting to feel like I am back to my old self and actually having time for a life. 

Lets take a look and see what changes have been happening since my last post:

- I moved! Yes you are reading that right... since my last post I have moved into cozy and cute one bedroom  in a lovely part of Richmond and could not be happier at my new home. I have lots of pinterest projects to update on!

- Work was crazy before my lack of posting but things have been INSANE lately! Even though I have only been employed for 6 months (CRAZY that it has already been 6 months) I have taken on a ton of responsibility already. I absolutely love my job and love all the new tasks I have taken on but it has left little time to have a life outside of work.

- I have friends! While I have always had my friends from college and at home, when I moved to a new city I was extremely nervous about becoming a hermit and not putting myself out there to meet people and make friends. However over the past few months I have started making some great friendships that I am very excited about! 

Being that so much has changed since the last time I posted, I will have LOTS and lots to talk about and give updates on over the next few days! Be sure to stay tuned! 

As for today, this weekend is the first weekend that I am off from work AND have no plans! I have already hit the farmers market and have lots of plans for the rest of the day, including a bit of R&R.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and so excited to get back on my blogging!

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