Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thoughts of Thursday

This week I have a few thoughts on my mind that I thought I would share today....

- I'm not complaining about gorgeous weather or anything... BUT I would love to have a bit more "fall" like weather. Today I actually turned on the A.C in my car!

- If I eat one more Wasabi and Soy Sauce flavored almond... I'm going to turn into one

- I did not cook a single meal at home this week, other then an omelet... fail

- I had a glass of wine every night this week... fail or winning I'll let you decide

- I am officially done with hearing about the election, anyone else feeling completely annoyed of it?

- I did not make it to the gym once this week. Normally this would absolutely disgust me but this past week I worked an insane amount of hours that I'm pretty sure I will forgive myself

- I am off Friday and CANT wait to head out for a run early in the morning

- THANK goodness this Friday is pay day... someone should really warn you that the year after you graduate and are working at your first job, you will be poorer then you were in college

- I could not be more excited to head to D.C Friday for a reunion with my pledge sisters, watch out D.C!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Yours truly, 


Nadine said...

I also wish someone had told me that the year(s) after college would probably be harder financially than college itself. I had like 2 part time jobs all the time and still had so much free time. Except then i thought I was busy. HA! I was so not busy.

Shannon said...

A glass of wine every day this week is winning in my book!

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