Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Trip To The Mountains For Apple Picking

As if my weekend could have gotten any better with taking a trip to my favorite city, Charlotte, I also squeezed in a trip to Charlottesville for some apple picking! As soon as I got back into Richmond, I met my friend who we will refer to as G for the time being, and was immediately back in the car on the way to Carters Mountain!

Never having been to Charlottesville or gone apple picking, I was EXTREMELY excited to get there and get started. It was so exciting driving up the mountain and getting to see the rows of apples and vineyards! We were definitely not the only ones who thought it would be a great day for apple picking because it was absolutely packed!
 Once we parked and got our bags to fill with apples, it was off to trees..,

Once our bags were full with apples we hung out a bit more before racing home to complete a masterpiece...

Overall it was a lovely afternoon spent outside with great company and even ended with homemade apple pie... doesn't get much better! Now what to do with the other 30 apples I brought home...

Yours Truly, 

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Claire said...

Love this! I have always wanted to go to Carters Mountain but with my sister at UVA we always only had time to go to CVille and not anywhere else! I would have no idea what to do with all the apples, but it would be so fun!