Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thoughts of Thursday!

Thoughts of Thursday...

Horray Horray its almsot Friday! I dont know about anyone else but this week is kicking my butt and I'm totally looking forward to tomorrow! However my weekend plans are still very much up in the air. After being out of town last weekend and having a wedding next weekend I was really looking forward to just relaxing and staying in town this weekend. This weekend happens to be ECU's homecoming and while I love my Pirates and would love to see my friends... I am just not sure I am up for a weekend of going out and being exhausted on Monday.  D. also mentioned that we could go to Charleston for the weekend. Who turns down a weekend in Charleston?...possibly this girl. Am I being a boring old lady?

Today at work was our second day on Haunted Theatre and I was interviewed by the news! It was very exciting to watch myself on the 5'o clock news!

I am feeling a shopping craving coming on and am trying to hold out for as long as possible but it didn't help getting an email today from the Banana Republic Factory store telling me almost everything is up to 70% off.

Im currently watching the Rachel Zoe show... obsessed. Im convinced her baby is going to be the most stylish baby ever.

Im very excited about Greys tonight! Hoping I can catch on since I wasn't paying attention for last week's episode due to watching Hocus Pocus.

Hope everyone had a great Thursday!


Kerry said...

I wanna see you on the news!!!!!!! You should see if its online somewhere :)

Holly said...

ah this post is so cute! I may just have to do one too :)