Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Case Of The Tuesdays..

Is it just me that seems to think Tuesdays are wayyy worse than Mondays? I realize it is one day closer to Friday but my goodness I could have done without this day. Today I had to give an inservice to all of my supervisors at my internship and let me just say...it did not go as well as I had planned. I have never been a big public speaker but for some reason today I just could not get my thoughts and words to match up just right. After talking to my mom and a few friends I did feel better but I can't wait to wake to a new day tomorrow!

Tonight I'm going to see this little flick with D. 

Truth be told I'm not a huge Brad lover...ever since he left Jen I just haven't been able to look at him the same. I mean really how could you not want to be with this woman?!

Another reason I'm looking forward to tomorrow is I get to do a little shopping! On Thursday I am going to an alumni happy hour with D, anyone have any ideas on what to wear to something like this? When I asked D, he said wear whatever... typical response.  I was thinking a cute fall dress and maybe some boots? Heres a few dresses I liked but who knows what I'll find in the stores!

Also don't forget to check out Emily's giveaway that ends at midnight tonight!
Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!


Steph said...

Hi doll! Just came across your brand new blog and it is so cute! I just started my blog a few days ago too...it is so much fun!
Looking forward to more of your posts...following!
xo Steph

lori said...

hey, emily!

i saw you were following my blog {thank you!} and came to check out yours... loving it! i only started blogging back in feb. and i am seriously obsessed now.

i totally agree with you about tuesdays. and about brad pitt! i lovee jennifer anniston. anyways,

i am following you now, and looking forward to reading more! please feel free to comment as you read my blog- i love reading what others have to say!

Rebecca said...

cute dresses!!
ps I really like the rockaholic dry shampoo! I had the suave one before and its so much better! idk if its worth $20 but for $10 this month I would definitely pick one up and try it out for yourself =]