Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Instagram Round Up + Catching Up

Sorry for the silence once again, life and things got in the way. Anyone else think this week is flying by? I can't believe Wednesday is already here and we are just two (hopeful) short days away from the weekend. Today I doing a bit of catch up and sharing a few of my recent instragrams. Instagram is easily my favorite form of social media and definitely the one I use and check the most. If you don't follow me already, you may do so here! Here's what's been going on lately... I apologize for the picture heavy post! 

A midweek overnight to Greenville for Sarah's Barrety! A barrety if you have never been is a party at a barre studio, and believe me they are too fun. Sarah celebrated hers at Pure Barre in Greenville and were even lucky enough to have one of our sorority sisters as an instructor. 

After class, which totally kicked my butt, we were served wine and appetizers and stayed until 11 catching up and having so much fun. If you have a Pure Barre near you, I highly suggest looking into if they offer barretys, it was such a good idea for a fun girls night out. 

A lazy Saturday morning spent flipping through magazines and enjoying coffee in bed.

Since moving to North Carolina, I had yet to make it to a Farmers Market and decided enough was enough this past weekend. I love going to Farmers Markets and getting the freshest fruits and vegetables, I know it sounds silly but I swear I can taste a different versus items from the grocery store. I couldn't help but snap a picture of these yummy and oh so colorful strawberries that were added to a yummy arugula and feta salad. 

Nights spent out with some of my favorite girls. 

Warm weather + a mid week day off, there's no where I would rather spent it then poolside with a book. I am currently reading Brain on Fire and so far am so intrigued. 

This past weekend, I headed to Richmond for the day to meet my family for a Mother's day celebration. We had brunch at one of my favorite Richmond spots and spent the day strolling around Carytown. It was so good to see these ladies and I am missing them already!

I also made a point to stop by a family I used to nanny for and was so excited to see the boys. I have known this family since the boys were babies and was actually their nanny when I lived in Annapolis. About a year into living in Richmond, they called to tell me they were moving and asked if I would continue to watch Christopher and William. They sent me this picture after I left and I am smitten with this sweet candid. 

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Yours truly, 
Emily Ann

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Caroline {Virginia Sweet} said...

The strawberries are amazing this year huh??? I just can't get enough! What a great weekend you had too!!