Thursday, December 22, 2011

What I'm Looking Forward to...

Being that I will be going home in 2 days, I definitely have a few things that I am looking forward to! I hate that I am leaving Charlotte and have absolutely loved my time here and hope to come back but a little home sweet home action is just what the doctor ordered!

Here's a couple things I am looking forward to most...

1. Spending time with my family! I am extremely close to my family and being away from them for this long has been very hard. It was amazing to be out on my own and supporting myself but I can't wait to be back in MD!

(not my actual bathroom but you get the idea)
2. RELAXING! A few nights ago I decided I was going to treat myself and try to have an extremely relaxing night- I made a great dinner, had a glass of wine, took a bath with candles all around the bathroom while listening to Adele Pandora, read a magazine, and went to bed early. IT WAS AMAZING! After feeling so relaxed the next morning I decided its important for me to work these nights into my schedule more often. 

3. Running! Although I have been OK lately about going to the gym, I'm really looking forward to having more time to dedicate to working out and running!

4. Being a book nerd again! To say I love to read is an understatement- I'm obsessed with it! Give me a good book and you wont see me until it is finished! Here's a few that have been on my list that I can't wait to start!

Let me know if you have read any of them and what you thought!

5. Spending time with friends from home! Going to school not too close to home and then taking an internship even further from home, I do not get to see my friends from home as much as I would like to. I am really looking forward to catch up with them doing all the things we used to do before we all went our separate ways for school!

Sorry for the lengthy post! Hope everyone has a great day!


Jess {The In-Between} said...

Great idea for a post. I am looking forward to getting back into a routine again and not having so much madness.

Eloquently Emily said...

I totally know what you mean! The holidays are a great time but boy are they crazy!

lori said...

i hope you enjoy some relaxing time with your family! i have read about half of the happiness project... i have mixed feelings about it. i find it to be inspiring, but kind of boring- it thats possible lol

Faison said...

I bought The Happiness Project book the other week with the diary, and I cannot wait to get started on that! Enjoy the time with your family!