Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Shoe Style Christmas"

If I could have all shoes for Christmas... I would be one happy girl. As all girls love shoes, I am no different and wish I could fill my closet with a variety of shoes, even some I know I would only wear once (that one time though-they would look darn good!). Below is a list I have compiled of shoes I would ask for if I were having a "Shoe Style Christmas"

A good pair of black pumps is a necessity

Absolutely love these, because of the nude color they could be worn with so much

A classic that I'm pretty sure I'm going to give in and buy myself

I have been dying for a pair of red cowboy boots for as long as I can remember! They will be mine one day...

Michael Kors Tan wedge... sold

Perfect black bootie.

Cant wait to get my first pair of TOMS in a few weeks!

I hope everyone had a great day!


lori said...

good shoe picks. i need a good pair of black pumps as well... and i want to get some toms, too!

Miranda said...

i love those black booties! and i really really want some tory burch flats so bad!

Rebecca said...

I LOVE nude pumps =] Theyre ideal for every outfit!

Shannon Marie said...

We would be shoe twins if I could have all of those! I've been wanting Tory Burch flats for years but can't get myself to spend the money. I hope you get some of these under the tree! :) xo

Michelle P said...

I love ALL of these!

Sarah said...

I love all of these shoes! I've asked Santa for a few pairs this year!