Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Catching up

Now that I have a few days off for Thanksgiving, I thought it would be a good time to catch up on the  'ol blog. As I mentioned in my post a few weeks ago, life has really been crazy and I feel like I've barrely had any time to relax since ending summer and it now being Thanksgiving week! Here's a bit of what I have been up to...


I need a new show to get into but I have watched a few episodes of This is Us as well as The Crown on Netflix. I also thought of hopping on the Gilmore Girls bandwagon as I have yet to ever watch it so stay tuned. Anyone have any show suggestions?

Lately I've definitely kicked up my cooking lately and have been so happy to try a few new recipes. These are a few of my favorites I've tried out recently...

So far I only have a few things on my Christmas list but am hoping to get some more ideas while I'm home. So far I have my eye on...

Fitbit Charge 2

With Christmas only weeks away ::insert shocked emoji face:: I am trying to get as much of my Christmas shopping done this weekend as I can. A few of the things I plan to gift include this amazing earring rack (for someone who has everything), this staple clutch,  these cozy pajama pants, and this classic looking tray

I have read so many good books lately, most of which I've gotten from the Reese Witherspoon Book Club. Last night I started The Couple Next door and stayed up entirely too late reading it but am already half way done, it's so good. Next will be The Truth About Jellyfish and The Girl in Cabin 10,

Having five days off to relax and hang out with my family and catch up with friends from home. The past few times I have been at home it's been super quick and only been an overnight stay which hasn't left me much time to spend with friends or family. This trip, I took 4 days from work and can't wait to just relax and spend time in one of my favorite cities, Annapolis! 

I am in full red wine mode lately but seriously having a hard time figuring out what I like. I'll try a pinot noir and like it and then a merlot and also like it and then a cab sav and like it too. I tend to like something not try at all, super smooth, and pretty bold. 
Any recs?

Needing to hear:

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Yours truly, 
Emily Ann

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