Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Total Body Cleanse Review

Last week I kicked off my week by starting a Total Body Cleanse. I chose to do the Whole Foods 365 
7 Day Cleanse.

I talked briefly about it last week but the cleanse included 3 parts:
Liver Cleanse- 2 pills to be taken in the morning with or without food
Acacia Fiber Drink- 1 scoop of powder mixed with water
Colon Cleanse- 3 pills to be taken at nighttime 

The drink surprisingly had no taste and wasn't a struggle to take twice a day.The pills also were not bad either, a tad big but that's coming from someone who doesn't like taking pills. 

Day one was a serious struggle. It was my first day of going without coffee and it was rough! I had headaches ALL day and just felt really sluggish. 
Day two and three were a little bit better, less headaches but still felt my self lagging behind. 
Day four and five things starting improving but I was feeling frustrated from feeling no difference in my body. Day five ended on Saturday, when I decided enough was enough and I wanted to enjoy my weekend with the things I loved... aka coffee and wine. 

This may be TMI but I only went to the bathroom normally once a day and since that's normal for me anyway, I wasn't sure if it was working. Now, don't get me wrong... I did not want to be running to the bathroom constantly but did expect to be going more then normal. I also had read reviews saying you feel lighter and more balanced... yea that was a no for this girl. 

I kept my eating mostly plant based and ate a ton of veggies and fruit occasionally. I also stayed away from anything processed and avoided carbs. The only time I cheated was in the morning to have steel cut oats because I was feeling I needed a little extra something to get my day started. 

Overall I'm not sure I would do it again, seeing as how I didn't have much luck with results. However I am glad I tried it and I can now say I have tried a whole body cleanse! I've been looking into a 3 day juice cleanse through Blueprint and will definitely keep you posted! 

Have you tried a cleanse before?

Yours truly, 


Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,

I'm disappointed to hear you didn't get the results you wanted. I just purchased this at Whole Foods and am hoping this will be just the cleanse I need to kick start a healthy routine again and clean my system.

Thanks for sharing ;)Hopefully you have better luck with Blueprint. I've looked into that as well, but unfortunately it doesn't fit in my budget!


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